Web3 Gamer Profile
Web3 Gamer Profile
For Users
For Developers
Soulbound Tokens
On-chain Gamer ID that stores all gaming experience and is used for cross-chain logins
[Experience accumulation]
Experience accumulation
Every minute of Web3 gaming experience is stored
[Cross-chain login tool]
Cross-chain login tool
User registration & accounting system with recovery function
[Attention monetization]
Attention monetization
Users can receive rewards from our Web3 Gaming Ad Network
[Audience involvement]
Audience involvement
Attracting only engaged players to the games
Simple and secure tool for logging and storing info in different games and blockchains:
Users receive the following benefits by using their Profile:
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All stats in
one place
about games, progress in them, assets, leaderboards, etc
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on the Aggregator
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by collaboration with developers
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leveling up
to achieve more rewards and benefits
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with rewards from the Web3 Gaming Ad Network, depending on the profile rating
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Allocations and
early access
from partners, Clarnium, new games, etc
Developers can use the Gamer Profile and its rating in the following ways:
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Ready-made unified user login system
allowing for easy Profile creation via social media or email
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when attracting new users to their gamesr
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of tokens
and assets to the most active players
Soulbound Tokens & Points
Every user profile includes three types of Soulbound Tokens and Points
that are awarded for different actions.
Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) are non-transferable tokens
serving as a confirmation of a user's activity on the Aggregator, in games and other DApps. They also function as a social indicator within the community.

SBTs are divided into three branches: Honor, Experience, Fortune. You can get an unlimited number of SBTs.
Points serve as the ultimate metric for measuring user activity,
forming the foundation for the Gamer Profile ratings. Points can be converted from SBTs of the same name (Honor, Experience & Fortune) at a specific conversion rate. If user remains inactive in a particular branch for a period, points start to burn.

The more points user has in his Profile, the more benefits he can reap from Clarnium, developers and other community members. Each branch has a maximum point limit of 1000.
Honor & Honor Points
Honor & Honor Points
Analytics: writing reviews, articles, guides, etc.
Honor & Honor Points
Experience & Experience Points
Experience & Experience Points
Gaming: time spent in the game, number of games played, video game walkthroughs, etc.
Experience & Experience Points
Fortune & Fortune Points
Fortune & Fortune Points
Asset management: earning profits from selling assets, renting them out, etc.
Fortune & Fortune Points
Gamification System: how it works
Users can level up their Profile
They can learn about the game in details, install it and start playing. After that, using their experience, users can create content about this game, buy, sell, rent or lease their assets and receive SBTs, which can then be converted into corresponding Points to level up their Profile.
And receive various benefits from it
Users can collaborate with developers, participate in advertising initiatives, gain access to exclusive testing of the new games and have an increased coefficient for allocations/airdrops. Also, they can earn more rewards through the Web3 Gaming Ad Network, attain a specific role within the community and more.
Gamification logic
Earning a level 4 or/and 5 Frame
by participating in the Ambassador program included in the First Users Program
step 1
Participating in the Profile beta testing
to earn Soulbound tokens. After the release of Profile, everyone will be able to get it for free
step 2
Earning Soulbound tokens
by creating and interacting with the content about games, as well as by asset management
step 3
Converting Soulbound tokens
into Honor, Experience and Fortune Points
step 4
Receiving various benefits
Receiving different benefits, including a share of Clarnium's profits and more
step 8
Reaching the highest rank
achieving the highest rank by continually interacting with the content on the Aggregator
step 7
by participating in different drops and renting assets
step 6
Purchasing NFT ranks
to maintain the conversion coefficient (if desired)
step 5
As your Profile rank increases, you receive the following benefits:
[Monetization of content]
Monetization of content
direct and native advertising from game developers
[Rewards in Ad Network]
Rewards in Ad Network
with an increased coefficient
[Inclusion in whitelists]
Inclusion in whitelists
and access to closed alpha and beta testing of games/metaverses
[Allocations and drops]
Allocations and drops
from games with increased acquisition probability
from other
[Receiving assets]
Receiving assets
under management (as investments)
[Increased social status]
Increased social status
among other
[Increased coefficient]
Increased coefficient
when voting in DAO and participating in drops
User-Generated Content
[Content creation]
Content creation
on the Aggregator
[Attention monetization]
Attention monetization
Users can receive rewards from our Web3 Gaming Ad Network
[Profile leveling up]
Profile leveling up
and receiving benefits from it
Gamer Profile has a specific role type
determined by the accumulated amount of SBT (Honor and Experience) and corresponding Points. Such roles as Scout, Maler and others unlock a variety of opportunities that include adding edits to the existing content, creating and moderating new content, etc.
Developers can select a suitable Key Opinion Leader (KOL)
based on the direction and progress of his Profile (Honor and Experience), and order integrated advertising for their project from him. It can be a comprehensive guide to the game, a live stream featuring alpha/beta access to the game and so on.