Game where you have to grow your kitsus for further battles.

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Kitsumon NFT Game

About Kitsumon

Kitsumon is an NFT game about collecting, breeding and caring for Kitsu pets. There are many professions in the game, such as: farming, fishing, crafting and others. The game also has a deep breeding system, MOBA PvP modes and land grabs.

Highlights of Kitsumon

  • Game is created on a reliable and fast blockchain Polygon;
  • Adherence to the Roadmap deadline;
  • Not all of the NFT mechanics are disclosed;
  • Large number of investors.

Kitsumon Tokens




Statistics of Kitsumon



Investors of Kitsumon

Fund type
Avg ICO Return
Andromeda Capital
#1Andromeda CapitalTier: 4
#1Andromeda Capital
Tier: 4
Fund typeVenture
Avg ICO Returnn/a
AU21 Capital
#2AU21 CapitalTier: 3
#2AU21 Capital
Tier: 3
Fund typeVenture
Avg ICO Return-100%
Avalon Wealth Club
#3Avalon Wealth ClubTier: 3
#3Avalon Wealth Club
Tier: 3
Fund typeVenture
Avg ICO Returnn/a
Fund type Angel Investor
Avg ICO Returnn/a
Dutch Crypto Investors
#5Dutch Crypto InvestorsTier: 3
#5Dutch Crypto Investors
Tier: 3
Fund typeVenture
Avg ICO Return100%
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Advisors of Kitsumon

Sundeep Krishna
Sundeep Krishna
Strategic Advisor. Core Team Member of TrustSwap. Designed tokenomics for various projects and/or serving as a strategic advisor/consultant for multiple projects spanning across DeFi and GameFi like QANX, BlockBank, LedgerScore, ISPOLINK, Fidira, Sekuritance, Oneto11, etc. Has a professional background in Engineering with multiple graduate degrees. Has 5+ years of experience in the cryptocurrency space.
Paweł Łaskarzewski
Paweł Łaskarzewski
Technology Advisor. Experienced Technology Consultant and Solution Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the ICT industry. Worked at B/E Aerospace, WizzAir, Nestle, Coca-Cola, EuroSport, amongst others. As founder and CTO, he was instrumental to the success of Absolvent, Poland’s biggest HR company for students and graduates, and Molecule.one leading AI-based market solution for synthesis planning. Worked on core-systems and innovation projects for financial institutions around the world, such as CitiBank, Crédit Agricole and Raiffeisen.

Team of Kitsumon

Other Team
James Kirkby
James Kirkby
CEO. Blockchain engineer & Architect

Previous Lead Architect at Mode an LSE listed Bitcoin Bank. Lead backend engineer at XDEFI and SonyATV. Skilled in C#, NodeJS and blockchain protocol development.

Sanjay Patel ‘Sentient AI Robot’
Sanjay Patel ‘Sentient AI Robot’
Lead developer & Senior Software engineer

Worked on various crypto projects such as Atlas. Skilled in C#, Java, backend & game development. Worked in an FTSE 100 company called “Next” in the payments development team.

Simon Buckingham ‘Hype Overlord’
Simon Buckingham ‘Hype Overlord’
Blockchain Tech

12+ years experience in a multitude of industries, more recently in AI/IoT, developed a passion for blockchain tech and has a love for Gaming. Also Deputy Chair of the Marketing Faculty at the University of Portsmouth, helping prepare the next gen of marketeers.

Tobias Fuchs ‘The Shepherd’
Tobias Fuchs ‘The Shepherd’
Community Manager & Content Writer

Created and grown several community groups within the crypto space the last few years, building a strong connection with the community whist managing all aspects of feedback and suggestions to help enhance the project and user experience.

Vahid Ranandeh ‘Kitsu Architect’
Vahid Ranandeh ‘Kitsu Architect’
Game designer

7 years of experience in game design and 10+ years of experience in fiction writing. Worked on various Puzzle, Platformer, Educational, and VR game projects. Previously designed and directed “Pursuit of Redemption”. Recently been working on NFT game concepts.

Aarón Meza Sánchez ‘Concept Wizard’
Aarón Meza Sánchez ‘Concept Wizard’
Concept and Creature designer for visual entertainment industry.

Story board artist and visdev based in México. 10+ years of experience in graphic and 2D industrial standards.

Mathew Shenton ‘Design Mage’
Mathew Shenton ‘Design Mage’
Graphic and motion designer

10 years of experience within the sports industry, with a passion for blockchain and emerging technology. Worked with large tech companies to produce high quality engaging content and visual solutions.

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Promo Video

Breeding Testnet Trailer

Roadmap of Kitsumon

Q1 2022
Unity Ul game art
Snowbell Promo NFT
R1/2 Staking
Initial NFT Offering
KitsuReveal Competition
Marketplace Launch
Giveaway Distribution
Kitsu Community Designs
Q2 2022
Website Update
Hacken Contract Audit
LP Farming
Breeding Launch
Breeding Potion Sale
NFT Farming
Professions Specs Phase
Professions Specs Phase II
Q3 2022
Land Sale
Trading Rewards System
Team Guilds
User Profile UI
Game UI Development
Fishing Gameplay
Mining Gameplay
Kitsu Casting
Farming Gameplay
Battle Arena Specs
Q4 2022
Daily & Weekly Tasks
Cooking Gameplay
Alchemy Gameplay
Game Training Arena
Game Battle Arena Alpha
2023 website
A new navigation system
Player Profile
Login Screen
Gasless Transactions
Swap Modal
Kitsumon Blog
Staking and Vesting
Crystal Dex and Kitsu Configurator
Arena Explorer
New Homepage
Marketplace Rentals
Guild System
2023 game
Account creation screens
Welcome screens
Player avatar customisation screens
Setting screens
Battle prep screen
Crystal Load Out Screen
Powder exchange
Battle Lobby
Victory Screen
Match statistic screens
Guild screens
Achievement screens
In-app store
Game HUD

Game Description

Kitsumon is an NFT-style Pokémon game involving deep breeding and genetics mechanics, built on the Polygon blockchain. In the game you will collect, breed and care for your Kitsu. The goal is to breed strong Kitsu and fight them in the MOBA PvP battle arena.

If the player is not too keen on the battle aspect, it is possible to play and earn in other activities such as: fishing, farming and cooking. These professions provide Keats with resources that they can use, such as in battle, to enhance their powers.

Kitsumon's knowledge is found in a galaxy created by the Big Bang in the Metaverse. All of this happened as human technology evolved, leading to a lot of traffic and the merging of powerful technologies like AI and blockchain into cyberspace. Then one day everything collided, causing the Big Bang of the Metaverse.

New galaxy was born, a world inside a world as the shock wave of energy spread through the devices of the world, causing power outages.

The world of Kitsumon is a beautiful world in which technology, fantasy and nature coexist in harmony. In many ways, the world of Kitsumon mirrors what our world could have been. However, the governing forces of microcosm have created fox-like creatures, Kitsu, to act as guardians of the world.

A team of experienced game developers managed to overcome the gap between our world and the world of Kitsumon. They have created a portal in cyberspace that people from our world can enter by becoming Kitsumon trainers.


Kitsu appearance

Kitsu appearance

Kitsu appearance in the game

Kitsu appearance in the game



Battle screen

Battle screen



Victory screen

Victory screen

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