A decentralized NFT platform that enables the materialization of NFTs and access to a virtual 3D marketplace.

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NFTmall NFT Game

About NFTmall

NFTmall is a marketplace for NFTs built on multiple blockchains. Users can mint, explore and trade NFTs on the virtual 3D marketplace.

Highlights of NFTmall

  • The Ethereum blockchain: low transaction threshold, but gas fees can be very high;
  • The Polygon, BSC, BitTorrent, Evmos and ThunderChain blockchains: low transaction fees and high network speed;
  • Availability of real photos, links to the social media profiles and descriptions of each team member's experience;
  • Involvement of numerous partners;
  • The roadmap expired in Q4 2022.

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Statistics of NFTmall



Team of NFTmall

MD Rakib Ahamed
MD Rakib Ahamed

Founder & CEO. Rakib Ahamed holds a PGD degree in International Business Administration of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Experienced in economics, business administration and management. He is also passionate about research and development in the blockchain field.

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Other Team
Stephen Newton
Stephen Newton
Chief Financial Officer

Stephen was one of the founders and the CFO of Lindacoin. He first entered the crypto space in 2016. He enhances the DeFi and NFT space with his extensive knowledge and experience in the procurement of capital inflows, organizing partners, creating social media content and designing marketing strategies.

Utkarsh Baviskar
Utkarsh Baviskar
Chief Marketing Officer

Utkarsh has worked in the blockchain industry for 3 years, gaining experience in research, NFT, DeFi and blockchain. He is passionate about leadership, team management and achieving goals. Apart from working with blockchain, he also organizes developer meetups to exchange knowledge and build a community.

Yair Haimson
Yair Haimson
Business Development Manager

Yair entered the crypto space in 2016 and gained comprehensive knowledge about crypto development. He works as a crypto consultant. Yair is also a former CMO at DeFi of Thrones and is a crypto enthusiast.

Tony Ignatious
Tony Ignatious
Director of Creative Arts

Tony is a self-taught visual artist and art director living and working in Kerala, India. His creations reflect his vision of the future and his wonder of what lies beyond our knowledge.

Roadmap of NFTmall

Q3-Q4 2020
Team creation
Market research
The Project concept was finalised & documented
Smart contract development(BEP20 token, ERC721 & ERC1155 token exchange, Marketplace smart contracts)
Q1-Q2 2021
GEM Token Sale
GEM Token Staking, Liquidity Mining, Program launch
DEX(Decentralized Exchange) listing
CEX(Centralized Exchange) listing
Community building
Pre-launch marketing NFTmall main net launch!
Strategic partnerships with popular projects and leading eCommerce brands.
Q3-Q4 2021
NFTmall v1.0 mainnet launch!
Mainnet live on Ethereum
Strategic partnership with popular projects and leading eCommerce brand
Explore multiple scaling & cross-chain solutions and integration(ex. Polkadot, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon, Fantom etc. )
NFTmall v2.0 mainnet launch!
Listings of various chain popular NFT projects
Q1-Q2 2022
Staking contracts development for traditional & LP staking, platform fees sharing, Automated Buyback & Burn mechanism
Physical redemption of various chain NFTs goes live
Launch NFTmall Launchpad an IDO & INO platform
Release Physical NFT verification & Real-time NFT projection app
Launch Founder NFT series collections P2E game development & release
NFTmall 3D development
Q3-Q4 2022
We are Scaling Faster Further and Beyond. As our platform is live on several main nets and more and more users are joining, we anticipate exponential growth in our partner chains
Phygital NFT Commerce. Being the first to present Phygital (Physical & Digital) utility to the NFT world
No-code NFT Collection Minting. Both ERC721 & 1155
Public NFT API for 3rd party project integration. i. e. NFT marketplaces, Web3 wallets and Analytical websites
Social Features. Enabling users following, NFT likings, commenting, and direct chatting (soon) Enabling social interactions and chat service
Launch of NFTmall DAO. NFTmall Governance Forum is a platform for a higher level of decentralisation
Pioneer of GameFi Infrastructure - Home of Game NFTs and NFT Games. NFTmall integration with popular web2 game app through partnership and introducing NFT & Game Economy in the gamification
NFT Games. Did anyone tell you about NFTmall Games? Probably not, because its secret yet
Yet another chain? Did anyone tell you about chain-to-scale NFT gaming projects? Probably not, because its secret yet

Game Description

NFTmall is a decentralized NFT platform that allows for trading and minting NFTs on a virtual 3D marketplace.

The platform enables the purchase of NFTs using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and $GEM. Besides trading, NFTmall provides a Launchpad where new NFT projects are initiated.

Description of the idea

The project team aims to create a decentralized platform that will simplify the minting and trading of NFTs.


NFTs on the platform

NFTs on the platform



Collections on the 3D-marketplace

Collections on the 3D-marketplace

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