#0 RoboHero

A mobile game where players join one of the robot factions and battle for rewards.

Dev Dream House
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RoboHero NFT Game

About RoboHero

RoboHero is a turn-based combat game that immerses you in a futuristic reality created by intelligent biorobots. In the world of RoboHero players have a chance to prove themselves in PvE and conquer the world or try PVP battles and earn various prizes, including ROBO tokens.

Highlights of RoboHero

  • Initially developed on the Terra blockchain, the game is now transitioning to the EVM network;
  • The BSC blockchain offers fast, cost-effective transactions and EVM compatibility;
  • An NFT RoboHero has to be purchased to start the game, but it can be earned for free in the game app by watching ads;
  • Lack of clear deadlines in the roadmap;
  • Availability of real photos, information about the previous work experience and links to the social media profiles of the development team;
  • Availability of information about the investors, advisors and project partners;
  • Passive earning is possible.

Investors of RoboHero

Fund type
Avg ICO Return
RR2 Capital
#1RR2 CapitalTier: 3
#1RR2 Capital
Tier: 3
Fund typeVenture
Avg ICO Return100%

Advisors of RoboHero

Mateusz Kara
Mateusz Kara
Rob Advisor, CEO of Ari10. CEO of Ari10 and legal professional specializing in the blockchain industry. He provides assistance to the companies in establishing a solid legal foundation for optimal growth. He lectures on cryptocurrency law at Collegium Da Vinci. He gained his experience, in particular, by participating in the projects related to the cryptocurrency industry.
Artur Pszczółkowski
Artur Pszczółkowski
RoboAdvisor, CMO GamerHash. Has experience in digital marketing for a Swiss international corporation. Currently serving as the CMO of GamerHash-platform and actively investing in the blockchain projects. Oxford University alumnus at the Blockchain Strategy 2018 program.
Łukasz Braciszewski
Łukasz Braciszewski
RoboAdvisor, Tokenomia.pro Co-Founder. Visionary, investor and advisor. A tokenomics expert with a global network of contacts in the blockchain industry. Co-creator of the Coinpaprika and AR110 projects.
Lukasz Szymanski
Lukasz Szymanski
RoboAdvisor, Tokenomla.pro Co-Founder. An engineering leader with experience in international corporations, including OLX Group and Spotify. An engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion, studying the secrets of economics and finance. Lifelong learner, completed numerous courses, including Harvard Business School and Executive MBA.
Patryk Pusch
Patryk Pusch
RoboAdvisor, CEO & Co-Founder GamerHash.com. Entrepreneur specializing in the gaming industry. Cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013. Co-founder of GamerHash.com and GamerCoin (SGHX).

Team of RoboHero

Other Team
Jakub Stefanek
Jakub Stefanek

An entrepreneur working in sales, marketing and other fields. Involved in the world of cryptocurrencies since 2017. Active trader, miner and developer. Participates in many cryptocurrency communities.

Patryk Kempiński
Patryk Kempiński

Has been associated with the cryptocurrency world since 2016. He started his career on a YouTube channel and is currently the CEO of the “We Make It” digital marketing agency. He is a fan of role-playing games and soccer.

Mateusz Kula
Mateusz Kula

A cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2012. Has experience in the crypto community. He brings creativity and diverse problem-solving approaches to the team.

Adrian Olejnik
Adrian Olejnik
Marketing Project Manager

Project lead at the “We Make It” marketing agency. Specializes in finding creative marketing solutions for crypto projects. He has been a part of the marketing team of the Ari10, Subme and Revenue Coin projects.

Julia Staszwska
Julia Staszwska
Community Manager

A cryptocurrency enthusiast and student with strong interpersonal communication skills, ensuring quality interactions with users on RoboHero's social media platforms.

Przemysław Olędzki
Przemysław Olędzki
Technical Writer

A columnist and speaker on economics, finance and psychology issues. Collaborates with the “We Make It” marketing agency as a technical writer in the cryptocurrency field. He has written for different projects, including Ari10, Revenue Coin.

Paulina Czaja
Paulina Czaja
Crypto Copywriter

Has work experience in project management, content management and SEO copywriting for such crypto projects as Etheros, Krypto Army, Byron, Revenue Coin and others. A crypto copywriter at the “We Make It” marketing agency.

Marta Potempa
Marta Potempa
Head Designer

A 2D graphic designer responsible for creating visual elements from scratch. She crafted the initial character sketches and game maps for RoboHero.

Robert Ryminiecki
Robert Ryminiecki
Concept Artist

A concept artist in the film and gaming industry associated with the Reikon Games studio. Currently working on the "Final Form" project.

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Promo Video


Roadmap of RoboHero

Stage 1
Project start
Gamification and Gameplay planning
Constructing the gameplay model and characters
Development of tokenomy
Stage 2
Preparation of social media channels
Creating a website
Start building the game
Game development start
Stage 3
Seed Phase
Public Sale and IDO
The first DEX listing
SAS and LP Staking start
Game trailer release
RH NFT Public Sale
Watch2Earn on Google Play
Stage 4
Terra luna crash
End of the support of ROBO/UST pair
Recovery Plan release
Tokenomics update
Work on the new blockchain contracts
Stage 5
RoboHero W2E University mode
Work on the RH iOS version
RoboHero first gameplay video
Registration for game beta-testers
RoboHero NFT transfer
RoboHero lands presentation
NFT RoboHero lands and mines whitelist
Last registration for RoboHero demo testers
RoboHero PVE mode demo public on Google Play
NFT Marketplace launch
Stage 6
RoboHero on Google Play
DEX listing
SAS starts
RoboHero on App Store
First NFT RoboHero land sale
First NFT RoboHero mines sale
Initial Skins Offering on RH NFT Marketplace
RoboHero PVP mode demo public on Google Play
Stage 7
The first sale of NFT RoboHeroes, gears, and weapons
PVP mode in RH premiere
CEX listing

Game Description

RoboHero is a turn-based combat game with the RPG elements and the Play-To-Earn model. It is built on the Terra blockchain but is gradually migrating to the BSC blockchain. The game offers an expansive metaverse, where players are transported to 31337 and join one of the robot factions competing for scarce resources.

The battles take place in deserts, swamps, jungles, mountains and futuristic cities. Players will use NFT RoboHeroes for battles, which can be earned for free by watching ads within the framework of the Watch2Earn system. RoboHero contains two game modes: PvP and PvE.

In PvP mode you can earn ROBO tokens, in PVE mode you can earn supplements to upgarage robots. Up to 18% of the project's total token supply is allocated for the gameplay rewards. Additionally, the RoboHero platform will feature a marketplace and different DeFi activities, including staking and farming.

Description of the idea

RoboHero's goal is to provide users with the highest quality gameplay experience possible. The project aims to enable users to earn rewards not only during the gameplay but also through the DeFi tools.

History of the project

RoboHero was established in 2021 by three Polish crypto specialists: Jakub Stefanek, Patryk Kempiński and Mateusz Kula. This project is a response to the dynamic development observed in the NFT sectors since 2021. RoboHero is being developed by the Dev Dream House. On January 13, 2022, ROBO token’s IGO took place on the StarTerra platform, followed by the release of the game's first trailer on January 29, 2022. 

Like all projects developed on the Terra network, RoboHero was affected by its crash in the spring of 2022. Following these events, the game development moved to the EVM networks, and an updated NFT RoboHeroes collection was launched on the Ethereum blockchain in February 2023. The beta testing of the game began in early 2023. The premiere of the game is scheduled for late 2023.


Game intro

Game intro

Concept art of the game map

Concept art of the game map

Concept art of the gameplay

Concept art of the gameplay

In-game interface

In-game interface

Battle gameplay

Battle gameplay

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