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An ecosystem consisting of DeFi and Web3 products, including the fitness app Step App.

Step App
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Step App
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About Step App

Step App is an ecosystem consisting of DeFi and Web3 products built on the Step Network blockchain. The fitness app Step App allows users to earn tokens by performing physical exercises such as walking, jogging, and running.

Highlights of Step App

  • The project has its own blockchain and infrastructure for its use;
  • Multi-chain support provides fast and cheap transactions, as well as variability in network selection;
  • The app can be tried for free, but to continue using it and earning, NFTs must to be purchased;
  • Real photos of team members and links to their social media profiles are provided;
  • The project has well-known partners;
  • Passive earning is possible;
  • There is a referral program.

Step App Tokens




Statistics of Step App





Investors of Step App

Fund type
Avg ICO Return
DAO Maker
#1DAO MakerTier: 2
#1DAO Maker
Tier: 2
Fund typeVenture
Avg ICO Returnn/a

Advisors of Step App

Dharpan Randhawa
Dharpan Randhawa
Advisor. With 20 years of experience in the sports industry, Dharpan Randhawa is the former Senior Vice President of McLaren Racing and now leads Talisman along with a team of senior commercial leaders from Manchester City & Los Angeles Lakers.
Dovey Wan
Dovey Wan
Advisor. Nominated by Coindesk as one of the "Most Influential Players" in the crypto space, Dovey Wan has also been named one of the most important women in blockchain by BlockExplorer.
Hatu Sheikh
Hatu Sheikh
Advisor. Ex Co-founder of DAO Maker. Hatu Sheikh has been advising innovators in the DeFi and GameFi space, leading innovations in new and rapidly evolving asset classes.
Jens Willemen
Jens Willemen
Advisor. Co-founder of Kairon Labs, a crypto market maker and consulting firm. Jens Willemen has experience working with 200 different projects, including metaverse projects and companies such as Everdome, Animoca Brands, COTI, Dopex, Seedify, and DeFI Pulse Index.
Melanie Mohr
Melanie Mohr
Advisor. Founder and CEO of the blockchain project WOM/YEAY, which was selected to participate in the Adidas accelerator. At YEAY, she has worked with brands such as Nike, Converse, Vans, and Asics.
Tim Innvutt
Tim Innvutt
Advisor. Co-founder of BTC Inc (Bitcoin Magazine, bitcoin 2022), Co-founder of Zerion, and advisor at Qtum.

Team of Step App

Other Team
Kirill Volgin
Kirill Volgin

Former financial director of zerion.io, who launched several projects in the crypto space, including an NFT wallet and the Tokenary extension for Safari. Prior to that, he founded and led a software development company and a venture studio.

Dmitry Gordeychuk
Dmitry Gordeychuk

Head of Blockchain at symbiosis.finance. He has 5 years of blockchain development experience and is a pioneer of DeFi.

Robert Vukosa
Robert Vukosa
Head of BD

10 years of experience in the traditional financial industry. Robert also has experience in developing customer service policies and implementing technological solutions.

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Roadmap of Step App

Q2 2022
FITFI listed on 6 exchanges including OKX, Huobi, Bybit, Gate and Crypto.com on the 1st day of token launch
Within 2 weeks, FITFI reached over $4.2 billion in volume
Step raised $2,750,000 and we were the largest IDO on DAO Maker
Perpetual Staking, the first of its kind
You stake once to get access to any upcoming opportunities like lootboxes, yield, sponsored SNEAK drops and more
Q3 2022
Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, became our global brand ambassador
1,000,000+ people joined our community in anticipation of Stop App's launch
Successfully launched Step Launch, Step Ex, Step Network, Step Scan and Step Bridge
Q4 2022
Successfully launched our first project, PRIMAL, on Step Launch
The IDO hard cap reached completion in 23 minutes after going live
Step App Conference in Tokyo, Japan kicked off the official App Launch
Step App has users from 88 different countries
More than 120,000 addresses on Step Network
Over 150,000 app downloads since our official launch on December 1st, 2022
Jan 2023
Leaderboards Encourage user interaction and motivation.
Referral program 1.0
Onboarding new users and growing our community
Feb 2023
Trial SNEAK Encourage mass adoption of the app
Referral program 2.0
Bring greater benefits and rewards to both referrers and referees
Improve the security and safety of our app
SNEAKS for sale for KCAL Increased the utility of the in-app KCAL taken
Enhanced Gems utility Bring more value to users
March 2023
Energy-tic campaign with Usain Bolt Promote consistent use of app
New Step Launch listing Growth of launchpad projects
Q2 2023
Introduction of the new earning tool
App Design 20 New in-game UI/UX
Progress motivation
Streaks, achievements and custom advice to motivate users to move
Help people build consistent healthy habits and stay motivated
Usain Bolt Campaign Increase global exposure for the brand in partnership with our ambassador
In-game Avatars
Increase personalization within the app
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Game Description

Step App is a Fitness Finance metaverse built around the eponymous fitness application, its own blockchain Step Network, and complementary Web3 infrastructure. It includes Step SDK, Step EX, Step Bridge, as well as Step Market, and Step Launchpad. Additionally, the project uses Avalanche and BSC blockchain technologies.

The main possibilities for earning and gamification of an active lifestyle are laid out in Step App. Users can perform physical exercises such as walking, running, and jogging while owning a Sneak NFT or Headset NFT to earn KCAL tokens and other in-game rewards.

Step App also features a competitive aspect, where users can participate in PvP tournaments or track their results in the global and regional leaderboard, earning $KCAL, $FIFTI, and winning NFTs.

Description of the idea

The idea behind Step App is to create a metaverse where users can earn, communicate with other players, and participate in friendly competitions while strengthening their health and leading an active lifestyle.

History of the project

The development of NFT technology led to the dominance of GameFi and metaverse products for most of 2021, which contributed to the emergence of the Step App project in the fourth quarter of 2021.

In April 2022, the project held an ICO for its governance token FIFTI on the DAO Maker platform and raised $3,430,000. On July 18, 2022, the Step App team partnered with Usain Bolt. In December 2022, the application became available, and the project's ecosystem began expanding.


Your Run

Your Run

Step App Features

Step App Features

Sneak NFT Stats

Sneak NFT Stats

Start Run Menu

Start Run Menu

Step Launchpad

Step Launchpad

Marketplace in App

Marketplace in App

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